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Let Affinitiv close the gaps to help you achieve growth.

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Win the inventory game, every time.

Take the weight off your salespeople and let Affinitiv solutions do the heavy lifting to build better relationships and drive repeat purchases. 

  • Trade-In Valet: Customizable software guarantees customer cash trade-in offers and dealer purchase offers
  • Quote: Shorten the trade cycle with our advanced equity mining tool
  • XRM: Simplify the sales process and convert more leads into sales with our CRM
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Integrate your digital strategy.

Connect with your customers through smart, agile, data-driven technology solutions that speak to your audiences and boost conversions. 

  • Affinitiv Advertising: a full-service digital agency that delivers high impact creative on a consistent basis
  • Audience Activator: capture 3rd party traffic as your 1st party audience
  • Anonymous Shopper: efficiently attract, target, and engage motivated consumers to purchase

Establish trust to retain business.

Drive repeat purchases through targeted, engaging multi-channel consumer marketing.

  • Essentials: all-in-one marketing solution drives customer engagement while differentiating your dealership and building relationships
"Whether we're a one dealership location or a large group like the Napletons, Affinitiv has always been there to adapt to our business growth and all of our customers' needs." Steve Ignowski - Platform Manager, Napleton Automotive Group
"We use pretty much every product that Affinitiv has available only because we trust them so much. So, I want to thank them for supporting us so we're able to grow our business." Vincent Cajano - Service Director, Kia Delray
"I think it's a competitive advantage to be with Affinitiv. I think it's a competitive advantage to have this 360 degree idea of marketing." Joe Lamphier - Executive Vice President, Crown Automotive Group
"Affinitiv has been with us for a very long time. They know our company. They know our core values. They understand our needs." Amy Spiegel - Marketing Director, Crown Automotive Group

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